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Eating & Buying Local

May 5, 2010
Buying Local
Eating local to us means purchasing foods that are grown within 100-250 miles or less of where we live.   This goes for everything.  We’re talking all fruits & veggies, all meat & Dairy products, all bread and pasta, locally made canned goods, and pretty much anything else you can think of.  Whenever possible, we’ll buy from the source directly.  The local farms and cooperatives that grow and raise the food themselves.  In Denver there are many farmers markets throughout the summer for this.   There are also places like Denver Urban Homesteading that have a year round indoor farmers market.  In the Highlands Neighborhood (5 minutes from our house), there is  In Season’s Market , a locally owned grocery store that only purchases meat and  produce that is raised or grown within 250 miles or less of the store.   There are so many more oganizations and businesses like this in the Denver area and Front Range of Colorado we can’t wait to stumble upon! 
Growing Our Own
Of course growing our own food is about as local as you can get!  Plus you can’t beat the price.  We have been working with our neighbors to create a community garden (more on that later) just a few houses down from ours.  We have never really grown many vegetables ourselves, but we have always known we would some day.  This year is the innagural year for what we hope will be a life long food growing passion. 
One More Option
As a last option, we still have a few better choices than Big Box Stores & national grocery chains.  Natural Grocers & Whole Foods are both pretty close to where we live.  While these are still chain stores, each of them have a focus on selling local and organic foods whenever possible, and they also support many local programs.   We think we may need to use stores like this more in the winter time than the summer since farmers markets usually dry up during the winter months. 
Planning Ahead
To really live these values, we have to break some old habits, and learn to plan ahead.  Amie and I already like to eat and buy locally.  The problem is, we also fall in to the convenience trap.  Instead of planning ahead and buying our groceries at the farmers market every Saturday, we wait to plan our meals until after hunger has set in.  This leads to many nights of eating out, or choosing less local and less healthy meal options.   The good news is, we know that planning ahead really helps us.  By having all of the ingredients we need for the week ready to go, we tend to cook every night and enjoy our meals even more.  We also save a lot of money.   Our goal will be to plan ahead each week so we can  make sure we have fresh local ingredients, and lower the amount we have to go out to eat and risk eating less local ingredients. 
All in all we are very excited.  Doing this is both good for us and good for the planet.  It seems like a simple idea, yet so many people have no idea what it is like to truly eat local all the time.  We won’t get it perfect right away, but we will do our best to improve and hold ourselves responsible!  This is just one piece of the puzzle to our overall Evolving Life Manifesto, that we are excited to share with everyone. 
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