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We Begin by Planting the Seed

May 1, 2010

Amie & I are embarking on a new stage in our lives.  For so long we have been interested in things like living locally, relying less on cars, breaking away from the 9-5 lifestyle, and all around “simplifying” our lives.  We have taken small steps over the last five years but never fully commited to following through. 

No More. 

For some reason we’ve decided its time for lasting change.  Its time to start living by our values and stop just talking about them.  Its time to really start making some tough decisions about the way we live.  Its time to make a difference. 

This website is our vehicle for helping to make that change.  We’re putting ourselves out there to the world in the hope that the world will hold us accountable.  We are going to share what it is we are trying to accomplish to anyone willing to read.  here is where we’ll document our success, our failure, and the lessons we learn long the way.  Here is where we test what it is we stand for, and what we are really willing to live with – or without. 

In general, here are some of the things we are focusing on (all of equal importance):

  • A) Living as locally as possible & being part of our local community
  • B)  Relying less on cars for transportation
  • C)  Simplifying
  • D)  Giving Back & Giving in General
  • E)  Breaking away from the 9-5 Lifestyle
  • F)  Spending more time with all of our families

Living as locally as possible & being part of our local community

We live in a world where so many problems are caused by transportation costs.  not only is it expensive to move food & other goods thousands of miles, it also pollutes our enviornments and deteriorates our local communities.  Lets get this straight, we want to be part of a vibrant and successful community – not move away to be subsistence farmers in some rural area.  Living locally to us means supporting locally owned businesses (no large chains of any sort), buying locally produced food (no more than 250 miles away), and putting our time & effort in to support programs and organizations that support these values. 

Relying less on cars for transportation

As of this date, we use cars for everything.  We drive to work, to the store, to friends houses, restaurants, everything.  Most of the time when we could use other forms of transportation, we don’t.  Amie and I currently own two cars and we use cars as our transportation 95-100% of the time.  Its time to change that.


This is a pretty broad  category.  It pretty much applies to all areas of our life.  This is our “unifying goal” that interconnects all of our other goals.  By simplifying all aspects of our life, we start to rely less on physical “things” to make us happy.  Instead we focus on meaningful actions and contributions to the things that really matter in life. 

Giving Back & Giving in General

The golden rule.  We all know it.  The more you give, the more abundance you create in your own life.  Plus it just feels good.  Problem is, few of us truly practice it.  We are just as guilty as anyone else but that’s going to change.  Luckily gifts come in many shapes, sizes & forms. 

Breaking away from the 9-5 Lifestyle

This doesn’t mean we are going to stop working.  It doesn’t mean we won’t continue to have “normal jobs”.  It does mean re-thinking the way we work and integrate work with our values and day to day lives.  We live in a world that is so connected and “always on”.  Driving to the office every day just to work in a dark room isn’t the best way to get things done any more.  There are huge benefits to re-thinking the way businesses are run.  We intend to fully push the status quo and question everything about work in this digital world. 

Spending more time with all of our families

We have family everywhere.  Colorado, Idaho, Washington, Utah, Georgia, Florida, Kansas, Arizona and more.  We are sick of not being able to spend time with all of them.  We want to be part of all of their lives and not just via email, facebook and the occasional birthday card.  When we have kids, we want them to know all of their grandparents (They will have 6 grandparents, not including great grandparents) and all of their cousins, aunts, uncles and so forth.  We love all of our families so much and we just aren’t willing to have any of them not part of our lives in a direct and tangible way.  How we plan on pulling that off…  well, that is another post or two at least!

All in all, this is an experiment in creating our own destinies.  Instead of drifting by and reacting to things as they come, we’re planning on being pro-active about our lives and writing our own rule book – or lack thereof.  To accomplish the things we want in life may or may not be difficult.  It does however require our deliberate attention and commitment and actions to make it happen. 

So here’s to new beginnings.  We can’t wait to share the experience. 

     –   Bryan & Amie Wilson


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